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HOA Maintenance Management

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Maintenance is a crucial aspect of property ownership and is essential in maintaining the value of a community. HOA maintenance management is responsible for overseeing and performing maintenance tasks within a community. These tasks can range from HOA landscaping maintenance and repairs to HOA exterior maintenance. Maintaining your HOA can be a challenge, but with the right property management services, it can be done with ease.

What Do We Offer?


As an HOA property management firm, our company offers complete property maintenance services:



  • Regular Walkthroughs: An HOA management company conducts regular walkthroughs of the community to ensure that common areas are well-maintained and that any necessary repairs are addressed in a timely manner. This helps to preserve property values and ensure the safety and satisfaction of homeowners.

  • Obtain Several Bids: When seeking vendors for community maintenance and repairs, an HOA management company obtains multiple bids to ensure that homeowners are getting the best value for their money. This also helps to ensure that the vendors selected are reliable and provide high-quality work.



Extensive Vendor Vetting: Before selecting vendors, an HOA management company conducts an extensive vetting process to ensure that vendors are reputable, licensed, and insured. This helps to ensure that the community is working with the most reliable and qualified vendors available.

  • 24/7 Emergency Line: An HOA management company provides a 24/7 emergency line for homeowners to report urgent maintenance and repair issues, such as plumbing or electrical problems. This ensures that urgent issues are addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the community or homeowner’s property.

  • Building Evaluation: An HOA management company conducts regular building evaluations to identify any structural issues or maintenance needs. This helps to ensure that the community’s buildings are safe and well-maintained and that any necessary repairs are addressed before they become more serious and expensive.



HOA maintenance management refers to the process of overseeing, organizing, and performing the various maintenance tasks required to keep the community in good condition.

The upkeep, replacement, and repair of common areas can be handled by HOA property maintenance. HOA should be responsible for maintaining common areas except for exclusive use areas with some exceptions. Homeowners are usually responsible for maintaining their own separate interest areas unless stated otherwise in the CC&Rs. The visual appeal of the community depends on the maintenance of each property and homeowners should work with the HOA to keep their homes looking well-maintained and up to community standards.

Maintenance tasks in an HOA may include the roof, sidewalks, gutters, landscaping, exterior building maintenance, HOA preventative maintenance, common area cleaning, exterior paint, pool maintenance, and repairs to community amenities. The specific tasks will vary depending on the type of community and its amenities.

Maintenance of common areas in an HOA is funded by monthly dues and assessments from unit owners. So, maintenance funding in an HOA is usually handled through maintenance fees, which are paid by HOA members.

Once members don’t pay HOA fees, they may get a notice, pay interest for late fees, and face lawsuits, fines, or foreclosure.

We use a ticket-based system for all communications and work orders. When it comes to maintenance matters, we generate and process work orders like clockwork, assigning each order to a vendor and providing all necessary information to the board members. We then follow up with the vendor until the job is completed. Throughout this process, the tickets are visible to our executive team and each board member. In the extreme event that a job is not completed on time, we can detect it by reviewing the tickets on a daily basis. We will then contact the vendor to ensure they complete the job as soon as possible, or we will take proper action.

HOA members can get involved in the maintenance and upkeep of their community by volunteering for maintenance tasks, serving on the maintenance committee, or reporting any maintenance issues to the HOA board.

The HOA board is responsible for managing maintenance tasks in the community. This includes developing a budget for maintenance expenses, hiring a property management company, setting up a schedule for maintenance tasks, and ensuring that all maintenance tasks are performed in a timely and effective manner. It can also include HOA preventative maintenance.

Effective HOA maintenance management can improve the community’s property value by keeping common areas and amenities in good condition, attracting new residents, and maintaining the overall appearance of the community. A well-maintained community is also more likely to be attractive to potential buyers and command a higher resale value.

HOA members can contact the HOA board or property management company for questions or concerns related to maintenance. They can also reach out to us for assistance with HOA bookkeeping, HOA support, and HOA refinances and resale.

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